How do you become a Member ?

The membership of the Club shall be open to all persons who are approved by the Executive Committee. Each applicant for admission as a member of the club shall apply in the prescribed "Membership Application Form" and such application shall be proposed and seconded by a member of the Executive Committee and one other member other than Temporary or Student Member. The entrance fee and subscription for at least one year relevant to the class of membership shall accompany the application.

Student Members

Shall be 'bona fide' students who are below the age of twenty one (21) years. A student member will ipso facto cease to be a member if employed. Student members are entitled to take part in all activities of the club except holding the office or voting at meetings.

Ordinary Members

All persons over the age of eighteen (18) years and not being a student shall be eligible for election as Ordinary Members. They are entitled to take part in all the activities of the club subject to the by-laws and regulations governing each activity. They shall however not be entitled to hold office or vote till such time as they shall have completed three years of continuous membership as an Ordinary Member.

Life Members

An Ordinary Member having a continuous membership of ten (10) years shall be eligible to be elected as a Life Member by the Executive Committee on the payment of Life Member subscription and such Life Member shall be exempt from paying his/her annual subscription but shall pay all sectional or activity fees.

Honorary Life Members

Any member who has served the club for a continuous period of fifteen (15) years and has in the opinion of the Executive Committee rendered yeoman service to the club, may, if recommended by the Executive Committee, be elected as an honorary life member at a General Meeting by the vote of a majority of not less than two thirds of the General meeting. The Executive Committee shall not recommend any member who has received two (2) or more adverse votes at its meeting. All Honorary Life Members are entitled to enjoy all rights and previleges of the club without the payment of any fees.

Senior Members

Any member over sixty five (65) years of age who has been an Ordinary Member of the club for a continuius period of twenty (20) years shall be eligible to be a Senior Member provided such member applies in writing to the Executive Committee . The decision of the Executive committee to allow, reject or defer any application for senior membership shall be final. A senior member shall not pay annual subscription fees but shall pay sectional or activity fees.

Temporary Members

The Executive Committee may elect visitors to the country as Temporary Members for a period not exceeding six months. Such members shall pay special entrance fee and shall not be entitled to vote or to propose or second any candidates for election but otherwise have the full privileges of the club and pay all sectional and activity fees. Temporary Member shall be eligible to compete in any club tournaments subject to relevant by-laws.

Absentee Members

A member who is abroad for a continuous period for twelve (12) months or more shall not be liable to the payment of subscriptions during the period of absence, provided he has duly notified the Honorary General Scecretary of the club in writing his/her intended absence from the country. In the event of such member returning to Sri Lanka on a visit, such member shall pay the monthly subscription fees based on calender months of his stay.

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