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Over its 100 years of existence, Moors SC’s main activity has been the game of cricket. The Moors initiation into sport although slow was steady. One of the first to play cricket at Moors SC was M. M. Mohamed. The early stalwarts included A. M. Fuard, who performed the double (1000 runs and 100 wickets in all matches) in 1915, A. H. M. Ismail and Y. M. Khalid also captured 100 wickets in one year, while the late P. C. F. Yusuf and the H. H. M. Mohideen were the most successful batsmen during the early years. A. M. M. Razee did exceedingly well in bowling, while the best individual performance was that of O. L. M. Haniffa who captured 9 wickets against CCC. S. P. Foenander, the veteran sportswriter records that Moors SC indulged mainly in minor matches from its inception till 1920 and that it was only in 1921 that the club was recognized as a first class club. From 1936 onwards the team, strengthened by a steady flow of young cricketers, mainly from Zahira College in Colombo, made its mark in Ceylon cricket. M. S. S. Haddad, one of the best left arm medium pace bowlers at the time performed the rare feat of 2 hat-tricks in one season in the inter-club tournament matches in 1936. M. A. Wahid, a left arm spin bowler, toured India with the All Ceylon Team in 1940. He was the first member from Moors Sports Club to be selected to a Ceylon Team. During this period, the team was ably handled by M. H. M. Hussain, who was also a dashing batsman. When Governor Sir Edward Stubbs declared open the pavilion on February 27, 1937, the first inter-club match at the venue was between the Moors SC and Kalutara Town Club. The Moors Sports Club had A. R. A. Razik as President, N. Mahroof as Honorary Secretary, Falil A. Caffoor as Honorary Treasurer, and M. H. M. Hussain as Cricket Captain. The Ceylon Cricket Association took another step forward in the development of the game in ceylon by organizing a zonal tournament in 1947. This was virtually a provincial tournament and all the matches were 2 day games. The CCA appointed a committee in August 1946, among which was A. R. M. Hathy (Moors SC) to organize the tournament. Makkin Salih found a well-deserved place in the Colombo West zone team. In the years that followed, the Moors cricket team proved that they were second to none in Ceylon cricket. Led by M. Makkin Salih and A. C. M. Rauff, the team did exceptionally well. Makkin Salih represented Ceylon against the Commonwealth team, the Australians, the MCC and also toured India and Pakistan with the Ceylon Teams.

Snooker & Billiards

On confirmation that two Billards tables and to be donated, then President Falil A Caffoor, Gen. Secretary, M. T Bin lsmail, Treasurer Mr. A. Raheman, M. Hathy, Committee Members, to name a few, Rafi A. Caffoor, N. M. Abdul Hameed, M. I. L. Mohamed, A. H. M. Ismail A. M. A. Marzook, M. Mathany lsmail, Dr. M. Mohideen Hassan, Dr. M. C. M. Kaleel, M.T.L. Idroos, M. L. M. Mackeen, M. H. M. Hussain, S. B. A. Hamid, Nizam A. Cader. Saeed Sulaiman, contributed very generously for the construction of a Billiard Hall to install 2 tables with a Prayer Room. One brand new Billiard Table was donated by Mr. Munsoor A. Cader a very keen supporter of the club. The other table was donated by A. J. M Jabir. The Billiard hall was equipped with 14 benches with tags on each of the donors. In 1952, the Billiard Hall was officially opened by Sir Ernest de Silva. In Ceylon the Muslims have been noted for their skill in Billiards and Snooker and our team in a very short time, not only became All-Ceylon Inter-Club Champions but also won the Sir Ernest de Silva Challenge Cup outright and thereafter winning it three years in succession. The club is fortunate in having as the mainstay of this section M. S. A. Hassan, who in his heyday was a class above all others in Ceylon. He has won the All-Ceylon Snooker Championship in 1936, 37, 38 and 1951 and was runner-up in 1949 and 1950. He has won the encomiums of several foreign players, including Horace Lindrum and Bob Marshall. Sir Leonard Hutton, the England opening cricket Batsman played on these tables in November, 1958, and made a 50 break was on his way to Australia stated “I have never played in one better”. M. H. M. Hussain, the Captain of the Billiards Team, since its introduction to the Club is a very popular leader and a good cricketer, has done a great amount of work to further the interest. In order to bring in revenue, the Billards tables were shifted to the rear portion of the hall. The hall was rented out for functions such as weddings, etc., in order to generate more revenue for construction. The Billiards tables were moved to the first floor. Again, to derive funds for construction, the billiard tables on the first floor were divided and half the space was given on rent to Janashakthi Insurance.


In 1948, after much lobbying by members led by Mohideen Jalaldeen, Tennis was introduced as an activity at the Moors Sports Club. The first Court was duly opened by S. L. Haji Mohamed, the founder of the club. Mohideen Jalaldeen was elected the first Secretary for Tennis in appreciation of his help in putting up the court. In 1949 the club organized its first tournament. This tournament proved to be a big success as a large number of members participated in it. Mr. M. H. M. Naina Marikar became the first singles champion of the club. In the inter-club ‘Shanti tournament’ held in1952, the club maintained a fair position in the League tables. Mr. M. H. A. Aziz from the Tennis section, who gave his best to the game and who imparted to members his knowledge and wide experience of the game will no doubt be remembered with fond affection. Iftikar Ahamed, Pakistan Tennis Champion visited the club in 1953 and gave the members useful tips on the rudiments of the game. The increasing number of applications for membership to this section meant that another court was necessary and in 1953 a brand new court was laid. The best player of the time, Sulaiman Hashim served as Secretary.


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